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Deborah Alessi

Health Care

Deborah Alessi is a driven and highly accomplished business executive and entrepreneur currently building her career in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She has enjoyed a varied career, from working in aviation to running a healthcare nonprofit.

Deborah Alessi was born and raised in Scotland. After completing her studies in business management at Glasgow University, she began her career by moving to the Middle East to work for the Royal Family of Bahrain. She managed their private aircraft fleet, building critical skills in both leadership and intercultural business exchanges.

Eventually, Deborah Alessi moved her career to the United States, where she furthered her professional development by working with Fortune 500 companies and other connections, still focused on the private aircraft industry. 

While Deborah Alessi enjoyed working in the aviation industry, she soon decided to pursue two of her personal interests in a more professional capacity: the health and beauty industry and philanthropy. In 2009, Deborah founded Face Forward Inc., a nonprofit that provides pro bono plastic reconstructive surgery to individuals who have been victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, or other cruel acts of crime. The mission of Face Forward is to partner with victims to remove physical damage caused by violence and help them learn to love themselves again. Though Face Forward works through physical means, their true goal is to improve the emotional health of the individuals they serve and equip them to serve their own communities. Deborah is especially proud of this endeavor. Having overcome many personal challenges in her own life, she loves helping equip others to live healthier lives after trauma. Their patients have gone on to give back in their own ways, from founding their own nonprofits to writing books and sharing at speaking events. The nonprofit is based in Los Angeles, California, but they have brought in patients from all over the world.

Alongside Face Forward, Deborah Alessi is also the CEO and Founder of Beverly Hills Wellness and Aesthetics. This business provides plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures. While initially founded in Beverly Hills, the company now has additional locations in Dubai, Maldives, and the United Kingdom. This business has helped Deborah expand her network in the medical field, finding partnerships with surgeons and specialists who are willing to help her patients through Face Forward.

Clearly, Deborah Alessi is an accomplished entrepreneur with a heart for helping people. Her life and career are inspiring, and she has been recognized by many other professionals for her impactful work.

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