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Deborah Alessi is a dynamic and exceptionally successful business leader and entrepreneur currently advancing her career in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her professional journey is marked by diversity and achievement, spanning multiple sectors. Starting in the aviation industry, where she demonstrated her proficiency and leadership skills, Deborah has made significant strides in the nonprofit sector, particularly in healthcare. Her ability to transition seamlessly between different industries is a testament to her versatile skills and commitment to making a meaningful impact in each field she ventures into. 

Face Forward International is an organization that commits itself to assisting survivors of domestic abuse, human trafficking, and similar traumatic experiences. This nonprofit coalition ensures clients have accessibility to surgical and emotional care. Everyone gets the treatments they need, irrespective of financial means. By providing these essential services for free, the organization plays a crucial role in aiding survivors to rebuild their lives without the burden of medical costs.

The establishment vigorously seeks community support year-round through donations, sponsorships, and partnerships to keep the expenditures away from survivors. The average cost of treatment for each individual is about $10,000. Face Forward International has spent over $1 million worth of free treatments in the past, a testament to their dedication. The company continues to invite collaboration to extend its services to even more survivors requiring aid.

All of this is attributable to Deborah Alessi, a Scottish businesswoman with a business management and aviation background who founded this organization in 2007. Deborah’s experience includes working for the Royal Family of Bahrain and assisting Fortune 500 companies with aviation management. Deborah is renowned for her dedication to stopping domestic abuse. At Face Forward International, her blend of business acumen, skincare expertise, and philanthropic enthusiasm shaped the organization’s direction toward the company it is today. 

In addition to her goals at Face Forward, Deborah Alessi launched Beverly Hills IV Therapy in 2018.  The platform boasts a dedicated network of healthcare providers, including doctors, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses, all licensed and insured. They prioritize patient privacy and strive to deliver exceptional care in the comfort of the patient’s home. At-home therapy offers rapid rejuvenation and numerous health benefits. It’s an effective way to boost the immune system, alleviate chronic pain, and enhance mood, brain function, energy levels, and overall health. 

The choice of IV drip treatment varies based on the client’s specific health concerns and lifestyle objectives. Treatments typically last around 45 minutes and are tailored to meet individual health goals. Medical professionals offer personalized recommendations to ensure each treatment is suited to the individual’s needs. The platform serves a diverse clientele, including professionals, students, families, athletes, and anyone interested in improving their overall health. Initially serving Los Angeles and the Maldives, this venture has expanded into a full-scale aesthetic brand in Dubai, with plans for further growth in the Maldives and the UK.